Dr Heinz and Anita Luetke Foundation

Welcome! How nice to have you visit us here at our website!
Our Foundation was founded by the enterprising Dr. Heinz Lütke from Hemer who died in 2010. Throughout his life he supported his fellow-men in an outstanding manner stretching far beyond the borders of our Felsenmeerstadt (Sea of Rocks Town) and the Märkisches Sauerland district. The foundation sees itself primarily as a school fee or scholarship foundation. In this way, it seeks to promote equal opportunities for talented youths and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our task now is to successfully carry that legacy into the future. For this we also require your help.

Our motto: We give young people a perspective – all over the world.
We fulfill this motto by issuing scholarships to school children and students. In this manner, since the founding of our foundation in 1989, we have paved the way to independent lives for more than 3,000 boys, girls and adolescents from unstable economic backgrounds.
The traditional focus of our efforts lies in Asia and South America. But for some time now, we are also active in north Albania. We are also more and more involved in our home region around Hemer. We appreciate your interest in our work – and of course your support.

About us: From private help to an official Foundation
The Heinz and Anita Lütke foundation based in Hemer was established in 1989. It bears the name of its founder, Dr. Heinz Lütke (1914-2010) and his wife Anita (1923-1986). Dr. Heinz Lütke practiced for many years as a general practitioner in Hemer.
While still alive, he invested almost all of his resources in the foundation in order to ensure that his heart’s desire of supporting disadvantaged children and young people from poor and needy families, be pursued with due emphasis even after his death.
From early days on the Lütke couple displayed interest in the then so-called „Third World“ and travelled on their own initiative to many countries especially those of Asia and Latin America. As of 1982 the Lütke‘s granted to a number of talented boys and girls whom they had met in person private donations to enable the same to attend school and / or vocational training or higher education.
On establishing the Foundation, Dr. Heinz Lütke’s private engagement expanded into a long-term funding campaign so that as many disadvantaged young people as possible be provided, through school or training, with an opportunity to find their way away from poverty. The Foundations’ income finances scholarships for children and students. This is in close co-operation with relevant leaders of the educational institutions who suggest scholar candidates to us.

Current Projects: Targeted support for young people
With the financial support of training talented but disadvantaged young people around the world, our Foundation wishes to make a concrete contribution toward a better future – exactly as the founder inscribed in the statutes.
Our Foundation work currently focuses on granting scholarships to:

 Students in Dapitan and Roxas City (Philippines)
 Students in La Paz (Bolivia)
 Students in Shkodër (Albania)
 Students and music students in Hemer and region (Germany)